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Welcome aboard! We are happy you could join us. This is the blog for Peacock Data. Everyone involved with this project sincerely hopes you enjoy it and find it useful. Please visit us often and feel free to contribute. You can also follow us via Twitter, Facebook, and RSS Feed.

About Blog@PeacockData

This blog is designed to communicate about all aspects of database management. Here you will read about related topics and issues, learn from guest bloggers, and explore new and time-honored solutions as well as collect tips and advice. Of course you will also read about us, including important information about new and enhanced services and products, sales and discounts, personnel changes, and what else is going on with our company.

And because this is a blog, you can participate too by leaving comments and asking questions, and we encourage this highly. There is a reply box at the bottom of individual post pages—please utilize this feature.

It is astonishing how many at any given moment are in the same boat as us, experiencing the same problems and concerns, but we do not know they are there. Blog@PeacockData not only gives you the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge but also the ability to communicate with those in the boat. We fully expect you will not only benefit from and help others in similar situations but will help us improve as well. In the end all boats will rise.

About us

We are about quality. Quality database products, quality customer support, and most importantly, quality results for those utilizing our products. They are designed to make database systems more useful, more accurate, and easier to use.

With more than twenty years experience, Peacock Data is an industry leader because of our superior solutions and our renowned loyalty to customers. We are committed to total client satisfaction, state-of-the-art technology, innovation, and fair pricing. For us it’s the service AFTER the sale that counts!

Again, welcome aboard the good ship Blog@PeacockData. We genuinely believe you will find this site an exceptional resource—not just another blog.


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